Essential Oils for Hair Growth – Thinning Hair Remedies

Can Essential Oils Improve Hair Growth or Treat Thinning Hair?

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Is the use of essential oils as thinning hair remedies to ameliorate hair growth with supporting theories? This article first reviews the most common reason for thinning hair or hair loss,  then it analyzes whether or not essential oils can be used as thinning hair remedies to improve hair growth and prevent hair loss.


Thinning Hair / Hair Loss Cause

Most people, regardless of men or women, will start experiencing thinning hair or hair loss when reaching the age of mid-40s. According to experts, DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, plays a significant role in thinning hair and hair loss. DHT can shrink the hair follicle and, therefore, indirectly makes the delivery of essential nutrients to the hair shaft difficult. Hair starts thinning when lacking nutrients and drops off eventually. As we age, especially after 45, many hormone levels decline and become unbalanced. This together with many other factors causes the increase of the DHT and promotes the thinning hair.


How to Treat Thinning Hair

Can essential oils be used as thinning hair remedies and improve the hair’s growth? The answer depends on whether essential oils can inhibit the DHT or keep the follicle open so the new hair can grow.


DHT Inhibit Approach

The generation of the DHT is an internal process inside one’s body. This implies the ingestion of essential oils or the aromatherapy. Many combinations of essential oils, such as lavender, clove and rosemary, are said to help balance hormone levels thus possibly controlling the DHT and providing a better condition for the hair growth. Aromatherapy should be done under the supervision of someone with clinical experiences because some oils may be toxic if they are overdosed. Like all alternative medicines, there is no rigorous scientific proof in medicinal usage of essential oils, and each person is different in such that one formula may work for one but fail another.


Follicle Open Approach

Some essential oils can cleanse, stimulate hair follicles and reduce the stress on the scalp so the hair follicle keeps open for more nourishment. Nutrition is a prerequisite to reverse thinning hair and help hair growth. Causes of thinning hair can include the inflammation of the hair follicles, and some of the oils do have the anti-inflammatory property.

Rosemary: The application of rosemary essential oil to the scalp can be dated back to early Egyptian and is said to prevent dandruff and stimulate hair growth. It has a very old reputation for improving memory and is anti-inflammatory. Some shampoos in the market contain rosemary.

Lavender: Lavender has an anti-inflammatory property and can reduce dandruff. The study showed lavender essential oils may be beneficial in alopecia/hair loss (

Carrot: Carrot essential oil contains beta-carotene and may help with thinning hair or hair growth because it can increase oxidation and circulation to the scalp.

Thyme: Thyme essential oil contains thymol (an antiseptic in many mouthwashes) and is used in thinning hair remedies because it can stimulate blood circulation and vitalize the scalp.

Cedarwood: Cedarwood essential oil is frequently used as an ingredient of detergents, perfumes and soaps. It cleanses the scalp and hair roots; therefore, it may reduce hair loss.

Due to its highly concentrated nature, essential oils may cause irritation when applied to the scalp in the undiluted form. One should always dilute 5 – 15 drops of essential oils to 1 ounce of carrier oil. The most commonly used carrier oils are olive oil and almond oil.

In addition to essential oils for hair growth, one can consider taking Omega 3-6-9. Some researches indicate Omega-6 / GLA may be an inhibitor of DHT, but there is no affirmative conclusion from modern medicine relevant to hair growth. The other possible DHT inhibitors are Evening Primose Oil and Astaxanthin

Finally, make sure to use essential oils that havetherapeutic quality’ to achieve the best result in hair growth and have a balanced diet. If necessary, take multivitamin that contains adequate amount of B complex, folic acid, iron, copper, zinc, inositol and Biotin. The use of organic shampoo and conditioner is also helpful.  





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