Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils?

A Clarification of the Therapeutic Grade and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

The Meaning of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils


Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils” means the essential oils were carefully sourced, produced and suitable for holistic aromatherapy and self-care use. However, the phrase “Therapeutic Grade” may be misleading because there is NO standard grading system sponsored by the governmental institution exists for essential oils. “Therapeutic Quality” would be a better term.


Essential oils may be used for many occasions. For example, they are frequently used in the food industries as flavoring agents. The quality and standard of essential oils for food usage will certainly be different from essential oils for aromatherapy.


It is important that essential oils have the “Therapeutic Quality” or “Therapeutic Grade” if the usage is for the therapies. The following lists the minimum expectations of “Therapeutic Quality” or “Therapeutic Grade” Essential Oils.

  • They are extracted from plants that are grown organically in high-quality environments. (Note that, in USA, USDA can issue the organic certification)
  • They do not contain synthetic ingredients to improve the effects of aromatherapy.
  • They must be pure. For example, oils must not be combined with other cheaper ones. Adulterated essential oils will not be able to provide the best therapeutic benefit.


About the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils


The term “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils” does confuse some consumers. As a matter of fact, the certification is an internal claim from the manufacture’s own production process. Public organizations that grade or certify essential oils do NOT exist.


Most manufacturers use the “Therapeutic Grade” or “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” to convey the message that their essential oils are organic, high quality and safe for aromatherapy. One should always read the label of ingredients and do some research about the company instead of being overwhelmed by the term “therapeutic grade.




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